21 Self-Care Ideas

Imagine your weekends, or more specifically, imagine how you feel on Fridays. It’s liberating and relaxing when you know that weekend is just around the corner, right? Fridays are the perfect embodiment of a massive sigh of relief. What if I tell you that it’s possible for you to feel that exact feeling even on Mondays? And Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, actually, and even if you have a tight schedule, it really doesn’t matter. As long as you find the perfect balance between self-care and hustle, you’ll be fine. To help you find that balance, I present to you 21 self-care ideas when things are sometimes too much.

MEDITATE. It sounds all cliche and corny but it truly, deeply, helps a lot in bringing awareness of your own body and mind. When things seem a bit overwhelming, it’s important to pause and take a moment to reconnect with your consciousness through mindfulness practice. There are apps that offer guided meditations on the App Store or Play Store, do try them! I strongly recommend Headspace and Simple Habit.

HAVE A SHOULDER-SHAKING crying session, or scream into your pillow. Seriously. Just let it out.

TALK to a friend, family member, or anyone that you trust. It helps vocalizing the stress out.

TAKE A BREAK FROM SOCIAL MEDIA, even just for a day. You can do it.

START DOING MORNING PAGES. Basically, when you wake up in the morning, first thing you do is grab a pen and paper and just start writing down your thoughts at that moment. Whatever you have in mind once you’re up, just write it all down. Without a care for grammatical errors or even making sense, just brain dump everything on paper. If it gets weird and you’re suddenly writing about your first grade crush, all the better.


RINSE YOUR FACE, even with just water. And then stare at your reflection in the mirror for a good minute, like in the movies. Yep, we went there.

WATCH FRIENDS. I am a little biased here but, I mean who doesn’t love Friends?!

GO TO BED EARLIER THAN USUAL. I know, it’s difficult at first. But it gets better.

Instead of keeping yourself busy with your phone, PICK UP A BOOK INSTEAD.

HAVE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR OLD PHOTOS. A trip down memory lane could sometimes be entertaining.

TAKE BUZZFEED QUIZZES. They’re quite fun (and funny), I promise.

Take a long, warm, and refreshing SHOWER.

WATCH YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE AS A KID. You’ll realize that this is your comfort show. Mine is Harry Potter, and I get that sense of calmness whenever I watch any of the films.

WATCH this Youtube video. No judgments.

THINK OF A HOBBY and start regularly practicing it in case you haven’t been on it recently! Doing so helps keep you in touch with what really makes you happy and your mind healthy.

GET YOUR BODY MOVING. Go for a run, do some yoga, or literally anything that involves physical movement.

LAY DOWN AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHINGStare at the ceiling and just focus on your breathing. It’s relaxing, trust me.

READ some poetry!

Nobody ever talks about this, but: LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC. It doesn’t matter if it’s June and we’re six months away from December. There’s seriously something about Christmas music that really gets you.

PRAY. Read your devotional. This is literally the best tip I could give you. There’s something about faith that keeps you going, it keeps you moving, and it keeps you motivated.

Hope these ideas help you on your way to (greatness, kidding. The Sorting Hat’s voice started playing in my head) a great self-care practice! If you have tips of your own you’d love to share, let me know in the comments below! Your turn 🙂