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  1. Élise says

    yes yes, I would love to see more posts like this! I don’t know why but I love all your beauty-related posts (I’m having fun reading them one by one :P)

    no. 11 surprised me though! I have a friend who bought the zoeva cocoa blend and blush palette and she loves it, lol. a beauty youtube that I trust also recommended the cocoa blend palette. hm, now I’m curious if your eyeshadow palette is the same shade or they might be inconsistencies among their palettes… I’ve never bought any zoeva stuff so I’m not sure about them. I do see people praise their brushes though, which I’m super curious about.

    it’s interesting that NYX is your favourite drugstore brand since I don’t see a lot of people praise NYX. the NYX stores in my country (Indonesia, that is) just recently went bankrupt (^^;;) I used to try some of their products too and was left disappointed haha as for Maybelline, I agree! not my fave drugstore brand per see but they do have some good stuff that I consistently use until today (like their Fit Me line!)

    anyway, aah this was such a fun, relaxing read. I don’t want to ramble on and on so… yeah :))

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