8 Things to Stop Doing in Your 20s (Oh, Come On)

Navigating through life in your twenties may not be the most stressful thing you’ll ever experience, but it sure is a real game-changer.

Suddenly you’re not a teenager anymore and can no long use the “I’m sorry I can’t go, my parents won’t let me out tonight” alibi to your gals on a Friday night (when in reality, it’s not really your parents, you just want to stay in and cuddle in bed while binge-watching Friends on Netflix) because, let’s face it, you’re an adult now and they just won’t buy that excuse. I’m telling you.

Three months ago, I turned 20, and just like most twenty-year-olds out there, I’m completely clueless with what I really want to do in life. But as difficult as it sounds, I try my best to pull back whenever I start thinking Heck, this is such a nightmare, although sometimes things could seriously get as bad as a nightmare.

Here’s the thing: we got this, okay? We just gotta let go of the bad habits and we’ll be fine. I’m still learning to stop doing these things myself, so I bet you we really are both in this thing together. Though with this list, I hope that you let me help you.


Always know your worth, girl. I always hear my friends saying, “I’m just not good enough for that”, “Oh, I don’t think I’m really capable of doing that”, or “I can’t do it, I really can’t”. But you’ll never really be able to explore the potential you have unless you start putting away the self-doubt and realize that you can do anything you want if you have the power to just believe in yourself.


Can’t avoid them, sure, but you can spot them to avoid investing time on them. Doing this does not say you’re being selfish and all that, it’s just being smart enough to be able to protect yourself from the wrong type of people. Time is such a big deal, it’s something we give and can never take back—so when you decide to give it out, make sure it’s to someone who deserves it.


Hustling is great, it’s necessary. But know when to pause and give yourself enough rest. A good night’s sleep is always a great idea, so don’t cut yourself short on that. Here’s a tip from me to you, whether you be a part of the working crowd or a college student, when you really really really have so much on your plate that need to be done, wake up and start doing your checklist extra early in the morning so that you’ll finish ahead of the time expected (in the afternoon probably). That will give you just enough time to set aside for the day and rest or read a really good book to ease your mind. Besides, how will we be able to give a hundred percent of ourselves when we’re always on the edge of physically breaking down?


The truth is we all have bad days, they’re inevitable and it’s completely normal to have one from time to time. It’s human nature to quickly respond and say that you’re fine when someone asks how you’re doing, it’s the constant and expected answer. But I’m here to reassure you that it’s okay to be honest and to respond with something like: “To be honest, I’m not okay but I’m holding on”, just in case you’re going through a rough time. Trust me, it feels better saying it than subtly bottling up the negativity.


You’re in your twenties still figuring out what to do in life (where it’s literally the survival of the fittest), so it’s totally okay to mess up a couple of times yet knowing there’s nothing else better to do than just to keep moving forward. Everything happens for a reason, and at some point you’ll feel like you’re withering, but just know that even at your lowest point, you’re blooming to be the person you really are meant to be.


I understand the temptation but I tell you, fight it and don’t give in. Honestly, this is something that I myself am still working on, we seriously gotta get over the habit. Never choose temporary comfort over working on what needs to be done right away. The more they pile up, the more stressful it becomes that it all suddenly turns into a burden; and take it from me, you wouldn’t want to feel that burden. Seriously, it’s a trap.


There’s nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes we are at fault. Reality is that things don’t always go our way and defeat can hit us real bad, and I mean real bad. But let’s not forget that no matter how bad things can go, everything is perfectly manageable if you know well enough how to work your way around it. In the book How Successful People Win, John Maxwell quoted, “Other times you get knocked down. The key is to figure out why you got knocked down, learn from it, get back up, and move forward. That’s how successful people win.” Need I say more?


I won’t beat around the bushes: everything is limited. Everyone we meet cannot and definitely will not stay around forever so as long as they exist in our lives, let’s show them appreciation. Someone made you smile today? Tell them. In the middle of lunch, a certain friend crossed your mind? Let them know. You take delight in someone’s company? Show them. It’s literally simple and we always tend to complicate things. And yes, even a smile goes a long long way.