Greetings, internet! 

I’m Chia, a twenty-year-old constantly on the edge of learning, of trying to figure out the volume of life through the thick and thin while trying to document the entire journey through words and aphorisms.

Taking you all the way back to where it actually began, I originally started my blogging journey in 2011 when I was just 13. I definitely had no right to even be on the internet but with my mother’s encouragement and a totally free blog from, I was all set! But you know how it is in school, so I had a huge HUGE blogging break that you could say I almost stopped doing it after a year or two.

During the infamous break I took, I found myself taking up on a different hobby – radio! Yes, you heard that right! In 2017, I was a part of an amazing student radio program, School of Jocks, at Mellow 94.7. Who knew my childhood dreams of speaking on air would eventually come to life?!

Eventually, in January 2019, I found my way back to blogging and launched this website you’re reading right about now. And finally, in June 2019, I launched my very own podcast A Little About Everything where I talk literally just a little about everything that goes on in life, love, and everything in between. With all this on my plate, I can’t wait to see what waits ahead for me!

Lastly, I enjoy long walks, reading good books, the sweet sound of rain, makeup, treating your skin, as well as writing and sharing my thoughts right here on the blog.

Peek into my musings. I’m so happy you’re here!