August 2019 Playlist

T here are two things I’m always looking forward to at the start of each month: picking a new TBR book list and selecting songs for my monthly playlist. Today as you can tell by the title, I am sharing my August playlist—which I’m really proud of because I’ve got new tracks in it! Recently, I’ve been so obsessed with Tove Styrke I literally have her songs on repeat. I honestly have no idea why I apparently found her just now, I mean—where have I been all this time?!

Oh, and I also got some Greyson Chance here! I’ve loved that guy since I was 14 and there’s just no stopping me. And you know what? He deserves a mic drop moment with his latest album Portraits, and Shut Up is hands-down my favorite track.

Anyway, here’s all I have for my August playlist! Although, I’ll probably keep adding some more throughout the month. You can listen to it right here:

Hope that was fun for you (I really do because I love the songs in this playlist, I swear)! Can’t wait to see what’s in line for September!