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  1. Kandice says

    I miss reading books. Now, I have less interest in it (I don’t know why). It used to be my favorite hobby, now I can’t even finish one book. Oh, you paint? That’s incredible. It’s one of the talents I wish I had haha. Anyway, I think when you get used to online classes you can find the advantages to it. At first, I was so sleepy and so bored. But now, I am in my element where I can take notes better, check google for help, etc. I still have a problem with concentration during the online class, but yeah I think for that face-to-face classes are at advantage.

    Wait, you are Mija? I literally just sent that Instagram page to my sister. Amazing!

    • Chia says

      Hello, Kandice! Yes, I recently just started painting again, been trying to explore abstract/minimalist painting these days ♥️ And yes, I am mija! Haha, what a coincidence! x

  2. Anna Jo says

    Loved reading through your 2020, Chia! I wish I could read more books.. but I don’t normally buy lots of books : – ( Most of the books I’ve read were from my student days, when I had access to the library. You would find me in the library during dismissal time, reading books (almost always the classic genre.. Murakami is an exception haha). But I admire your passion for novels and it’s super great whenever you share about a book that I’ve read before :”) though I may not remember the full story, I do remember bits of my favorite things about it.

    Well done on going through online classes. It truly is difficult to have everything shift online, but we all made it through! I like your perspective on online classes, how you made it work for you. I often see people complain about it, but really, there’s nothing we can do but adapt and make the most out of the experience.. we can only hope and pray for things to get better (and it will! I’d like to believe so).

    I love your paintings, and I would love to see more of them! Gouache is also a fun medium, but tbh I’m also trying to find the balance between too much water and too much paint.. I guess that is part of the learning process haha! Let’s make more art this year 2021 <3

    Anna Jo |

    • Chia says

      thank you so much for this lovely comment, Anna 🥺 ah yes, I also miss going to the library, you can often find me there as well! it truly is one of the best places to be in and I can’t wait to be back once this is all over. here’s to hoping for a better 2021 (and more art for us! hehe) ❤️ thanks again for the very thoughtful comment, made my day! xx

  3. Natalia says

    Your 2020 actually sounds delightful! Being able to write and paint is such a gift!
    I hope 2021 will be even better, full of joy and creative time 🙂

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