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  1. Anna Jo says

    Love all your advice on blogging, Chia! I think reading also started it all for me; I’ve read and read (mostly classic novels!), which led me to have a great passion for writing. When you think about it, anything in life can be written about, and it excites me. I also like to listen to music, as it inspires me and makes me productive. And on the numbers, I think it’s part of what we think about from time to time as writers/bloggers, but it will come naturally once we find kindred souls who resonate with our words. Instead, I’m more grateful for the lovely people I’ve met, like you! The blog will grow, and so will we, along with it. Thank you for sharing with us your insights, keep safe and well always. <3

    Anna Jo |

    • Chia says

      Aw, this is such a lovely comment, Anna! Thank you so much for sharing, I absolutely agree with everything you said, couldn’t have said it better. Keep safe as well, dear!! xx

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