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  1. Élise says

    as someone who also lives in a summer-forever country, i feel you about the weather! i also have not just one but TWO portable, handheld fans i keep in my room. electricity bill in an apartment sucks, so i try not to turn on the ac unless i’m about to go to bed. the fans, however, only lasted for an hour before i have to charge them. ugh.

    you know, i really love seeing your insta stories. your reading progress is amazing! it’s like, you always make time to read every single day without fail. i’m upset i can’t do that for myself haha. for me, it’s either films year or books year. i stopped reading after i got infected with covid in july. ever since then, i can’t finish any book at all. not to mention, real life has been very bad lately that i just don’t have the endurance to read a book. so i thought, hey maybe 2021 is supposed to be the films year for me, and i’ve been watching lots of things because of that. life is tough when you’re an overachiever who wants to do this and that to stay busy and productive, but the energy and time aren’t there. i wish i don’t have so many hobbies and interests sometimes, lol.

    about naps, i don’t know why i can’t enjoy power naps. every time i try to take naps, i end up sleeping for 30-45 mins or even an hour. then, as soon as i woke up, my heart beats irregularly and i feel like my heart is falling down. like literally falling down. i know it doesn’t make sense, haha. after a few attempts, i decided that maybe i just can’t do naps. i seem to always do things excessively, maybe that’s why. for me, it’s either 0 (no sleep/awake) or 100 (complete slumber), so 5-mins naps feels like 50 which is too much in between.

    alright, i don’t know if i’m making sense. i’m just gonna….you know…. hide my way out of the comment box before i talk more nonsense haha

    • Chia says

      Ah that’s so true! I try to avoid turning on the AC too much to conserve energy as well. And sometimes it gets REALLY HOT. Oh welllll

      Aw thank you! Ahaha I try 😅 on my free time I squeeze in as much reading as I can, but that means sacrificing movie nights! I’m glad you’ve recovered now, though! And I understand how hard it can be to pick up a book and actually focus so don’t worry too much about it.

      I really enjoyed reading your comment today Élise, like always — and I hope you’re staying safe! ♥️♥️

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