Keeping Up with the Resolutions 2K19

Decisions, decisions; resolutions, resolutions…

You’re in the middle of December, re-evaluating the year that is 2018, and then you suddenly think of a good resolution for 2019. Immediately, you think: Will I actually be able to follow this through? Hold that thought, keep reading and you’ll never have to ask yourself that question again.

If you’ve already come up with a list of your new year’s resolutions, congratulations! You’re a step ahead of making 2019 YOUR year (yes, claim it). Listing it all down seems easy alright, all you’ll need are a pen & paper and a sane mind. But after that comes even the greater struggle: keeping up with the list. In that case, there isn’t a thing to worry about, here are my top tips for keeping up with your new year’s resolutions for the following year:

1. Be realistic with your goals.

Sometimes a single resolution is so tempting you want to list it down and aim for it expecting it to overhaul your entire lifestyle and you’re like: I’m so ready for change! Although this mindset is what we’re clearly trying to attain, we also have to be realistic with the goals we are trying to achieve in order to eventually gain satisfying results. It may be understandable at the beginning of each year when our minds are all focused on the idea of self-improvement. But as the year wears out you realize that such big change couldn’t be done overnight without analyzing the small habits you have to change first. When you think of a specific resolution you want to be able to maintain all year long, make sure that it perfectly suits the type of lifestyle you already have and if it is within your capacity to do everyday.

2. Always keep a copy of the list on your phone.

And if possible, you can even make it your lockscreen or homescreen photo. Our phones are undoubtedly always within our reach and are always with us wherever we go. It’s good to keep a copy in there so the list is accessible 24/7 and there are absolutely no room for excuses. That way, it’s just always there to remind you that personal growth is still on the way and you’re in progress. Where you go, the list goes; it’s as simple as that!

Treat yourself every now and then whenever you feel like you’ve been doing good at being consistent.

3. Keep a journal.

Nothing beats the old-school journaling, at least for me. It is a very helpful tool when you want to keep track of daily events and how you’re feeling on the regular. For your resolutions, I’d recommend setting aside time each day just to write about a specific goal or habit in your list and how you did it that day. Regularly reflecting on how keeping up the good deed made you feel emotionally also helps, just so you can see how much personal growth a specific resolution is benefiting you. Thus, motivating you and making you want to keep doing it.

4. Use a habit tracker.

A habit tracker is a simple tool you can use in order to track daily habits in the recommended format of grids and lines. What you do is you make a list on the side and allow a block for every day of the month beside each habit. You check it on the daily, and tick off the days you’ve achieved each goal, and leave blank the days you weren’t able to. Personally, visually tracking my tasks really help me a lot because I get to ACTUALLY see what I’m doing. It comforts me thinking that I’m actually getting stuff done.

5. Treat yourself!

Just because you have a list to stick to doesn’t mean you have to be hard on yourself! Remember, we are talking about personal growth, these resolutions of yours doesn’t have to give you as much weight as anything work-related does. Treat yourself every now and then whenever you feel like you’ve been doing good at being consistent. Maybe a good cone of ice cream would do at the end of each week, I’m just saying! But don’t fall down the trap and don’t be complacent. If you think you’ve been doing a-okay, always strive to be better than how you previously did a thing off your list.