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  1. Élise says

    this post is so so relatable! although, weirdly enough, back in March I was so pumped and creative that I managed to post so many blog posts despite staying indoor 98.9% of the time during the pandemic. honestly, I have no issue with staying indoor, since I’m an introverted hermit myself. however, I’d be lying if I say I don’t miss taking pictures with my film camera. I guess that’s the only thing I miss ever since the pandemic started. plus, my film stocks are probably crying from not being used, heh. aside from that, there’s also this… doubt regarding whether or not I should post stuff on my blog. now that I’m indoor most of the time, my days revolve around movies, books, and the likes, which then provokes this question inside my head: “is it okay if I blog about the same thing consecutively?” on one hand, it’s my blog and therefore I should be allowed to post whatever I want. yet, there’s also this…insecurity(?) lingering in the back of my mind. I think I’ve been battling between this pull vs push kind of thinking since day one haha gee, I hate my brain sometimes.

    anyway, another thing I relate to this post is my inability to read. I’ve been holding onto the same book for more than a month now, it’s crazy. I’m so annoyed at myself, but what can I say – I’m a busy bee! at the end of the day, after work, I always resort to watching movies instead. I totally suck at reading this year, lol. oh well, I guess 2021 is the year for movies (2020 was the year for books for me).

    speaking of books, I remember seeing a copy of Sylvia Plath’s Journal on your IG! I don’t know why but that post made me happy, only because I’ve ordered a copy from Book Depo myself. unfortunately, it’s been two months and my order hasn’t arrived (sigh) I think there’s a problem with the logistic, and now Book Depo has to deliver it AGAIN…or something. yikes.

    TLDR; I personally enjoy reading your so-called ramblings. for me, blog ramblings or rants are way more enjoyable than most lifestyle posts we see today. I have no issue with those (since I can simply ignore them), but it’s always nice to read about the more personal approach “classic type” blog posts, you know? it’s that nostalgia that bites me back, and I’m here for it.

    my point is, you can ramble about whatever you want to ramble and I’d still gladly read every word between the lines!

    • Chia says

      Hi Élise! Oh my, I’ve always wanted to get myself a film camera! You should definitely post them on your blog, I’m sure all of your shots are lovely. And I get it – I often worry as well if I’m just posting repetitive content! Haha

      Yes, Sylvia Plath’s writing is something that is so personal to me and I guess that’s why I’ve been enjoying reading her journals so far! And I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope your copy gets to you real soon 🤍

      Thank you, I really appreciate it! I agree with you, I honestly prefer personal posts/essays on someone’s blog, too, because entries like that create a more intimate space between the writer and the reader.

      Thanks again for the lovely and thoughtful comment. I hope your day is going well and see you around, Élise! 🤍 Keep safe!

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