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  1. JustSoElina says

    Absolutely loved this post! ❤️ I’ve noticed recently I’d lost a bit of the spark I used to have for blogging and couldn’t figure out why. I realised I because of how sick I’ve been I’ve stopped doing all the things I loved most about blogging, like reading other peoples posts and supporting others bloggers through their blog and social media. Blogging is definitely so much more than writing a post it’s a whole community and one I definitely miss being a active part in.
    Thank you Chia, this post has helped me in more ways than one ❤️❤️

    • Chia Samson says

      Aw, thank you so much Elina! Hearing this means a lot to me. Take as much time as you need to be able to find that spark again! I’m glad you find this post helpful in some way, hope you’re having a great day ?

  2. Laura Jane says

    My biggest blog pet-peeve is people who just like loads of posts consectutively without actually reading anything. Or comments that just say “great post”. Although I love your photos, I agree with you and think blogging takes us so much time and is so much more than photos because you have to plan ideas, content, editing and then there’s promoting. I’m surprised your blog is only 9 months old because it looks so professional and well thought out. It took me forever to get my blogging style together.

    Laura |

    • Chia Samson says

      I know right!! That counts as one of my pet peeves as well! Thank you so much for the kind words, Laura ? It actually took me quite a LOT LOT LOT of changes within those 9 months before I finally figured out the kind of visual style that perfectly suited what I had in mind!

      Anyway, hope you’re having a great day and see you around! ✨

  3. Kenneth Charles Lambo says

    I guess I really needed to hear this. As a newbie in this genre– started my blog about 2 days ago!– this is a validation I’ve long been waiting to hear. Long because I kept on procrassing putting up my blog and finally I took the courage to open up a portion of my life to the world.

    Thanks for making it easy for me, and I think for any new blogger, to transition to this big, wide blogging world.

    Cheers Chia!


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