My Top 3 Hair Accessories

If there’s one funny thing you should know about me, it’s that I’ve always had an obsession with hair accessories—ever since I was a little girl. My friends and I would be that group of possibly annoying little kids strutting around the campus at recess wearing headbands with the biggest bows (okay, yikes, what were we thinking). We’re nice, though. I promise! Besides, those were a thing before and we had Sharpay Evans to thank for that.

12 years later, I’ve gladly and wholeheartedly jumped in not on the headband craze this time, but on the scrunchie craze. It’s Pinterest’s and Instagram’s holy grail of hair accessories. But that’s not all, there’s more—pearl barrettes. Pearl. Barrettes. That’s the tea. Pearl barrettes and scrunchies, with your traditional pretty bandanas, those are undeniably my favorite hair accessories. I adore them so much I’ve made it a point to dedicate an entire blogpost about them. You see them everywhere on social and not gonna lie, they just make your hair look even prettier in general.


Pearl barrettes—tiny and elegant. Based on my research they date back to the 90’s. And I’m not even surprised, it’s honestly my favorite era and if this piece of accessory belongs to the 90’s, I’m seriously not complaining—not at all. I’m in fact glad that it made its way back to the 2019 fashion trend because it’s just so pretty, I have nothing else to say! The moment my mom got me a set months ago, I was downright obsessed. Obsessed even is an understatement because I literally wear them everyday and they look great with all my outfits. They’re simple, but the pearls give the traditional bobby pin a touch of elegance in the most minimal of ways. If you’re like me and prefer having your hair down, then meet your new favorite hair accessory! You’ve found your match! There are a lot of ways to be creative with the pieces of barrettes.


Sometimes, when I’m having the infamous #badhairday, and have no time left to blow dry and straighten my hair, I resort styling it in a half up half down. I rarely put my hair up in a ponytail nowadays because my highschool years consisted of having to do just that every day. So, when I started college I immediately wanted to try different hair looks. Although, I have a pretty thick amount of hair so not every single hairstyle I try looked neat and pretty, but the half up half down hairstyle saved my life. A scrunchie is seriously the most fashionable of all hair accessories to style that half up half down look, whether it be messy or not. For those that like to bun up their hair or simply tie it in a loose ponytail, try it with the scrunchie, too. It’s cute, it’s there, and it’s got your back (or your hair, technically) for the day.


Specifically the silky ones with various creative prints and patterns on them. I know, the ultimate aesthetic, right? They literally make any outfit pop whether your hair’s in a ponytail, half up half down, or a bun. It looks just as classy as it is cute. Also, it makes a messy hairstyle really stylish and pretty.

There you have it, those are my current favorite hair accessories! I don’t use the bandana as much as the first two, but I love it just as much and would definitely go get myself more and wear them. See you around!!