A Little More Fitzgerald on the Side of Christmas

Just like that, September has finally arrived ’round the corner… Well, not really just around the corner because it literally is upon us already.

And with it comes the subtle touch of Christmas, almost there but not quite yet. But just because it’s still 3 months away from December, who said we can’t listen to Christmas music just yet?! This month, and for the latter part of August, I’m guilty of listening to a lot of jazz. I swear, it’s an obseeeeession, it’s a lifestyle. And since I’m loving it very much, then jazz it is even for my Christmas music. Enter Ella Fitzgerald, I just can’t get over her Christmas soundtracks. So, yes, there’s a Fitzgerald abundance in this month’s playlist.

The playlist also includes the usual kind of songs I listen to on a regular month. With tracks from artists such as Tove Styrke, Sabrina Claudio, and Hollow Coves. Can’t miss ’em. Alright, here’s what I’m listening to this September, a little regular but a little more Fitzgerald on the side of Christmas.