Show Mornings Who’s the Boss

We get it, you’re not a morning person.

Or maybe you are and if that’s the case, then good for you! I bet planning the rest of your day isn’t as complicated for the lot of you who are. Although, it is a fact that mornings can be such a drag for some of us that organizing tasks and to-do’s for that specific day could be such a burden. Whether you are a morning person or not, technology (specifically our phones) is one common thing we all have. So, better yet that we start taking advantage of it in the most efficient way possible.

It is a known time-saver to plan ahead each night for the following day. But let’s be honest, sometimes there isn’t just enough time to religiously maintain the habit. This is why I have come up with a list of phone apps that I personally find helpful in keeping my mornings productive when it comes to planning and staying motivated. Ready your notes!

1. 24Me

This minimalistic app is literally the virtual personal assistant I never thought I needed (Sorry, Siri). Not only does it manage your tasks and basically organize your life, it even gives you traffic and weather alerts custom fitted to your tasks. It even has a Smart Alerts feature wherein you can customize the time that is most convenient for you to get notified of your daily agendas each morning—basically, it reminds you of the number of tasks you have for that day. You also have the option to connect the app with your Calendar and Contacts app, and your Location services to fully maximize its uses.

In addition, 24Me has a Tasks section for you to note your to-do’s and a Notes section where you can scribble your thoughts away.

2. 2Do

If you’re a fan of quick to-do lists, this app is definitely fit for you! Create, organize, and manage your tasks with lists and groups. Or if a task idea comes up, there’s the Quick-Add section to help you. There are even tags to help keep your to-do’s micro-organized. Simple, quick, and easy.

3. Bear

The Bear app takes note-taking to another level, like, literally. No shade to the built-in Notes app on the iPhone, but sometimes it can get a little messy and disorganized despite the folders feature. Worries aside though, because here comes Bear to rescue the day.

Group your notes by hashtags (that basically transform into super organized folders with customizable icons) and never let a note on the loose. You can even personalize the app by choosing your theme and font of preference, and tell you, there’s a hell lot of options. The interface is really smooth, and the note screen itself is very minimalistic and simple—no lines, no confusing alignments, nothing weird and complicated.

4. FlowTimer

Bring focus and structure to your workflow by using this app. It promotes the habit of time blocking which is an effective strategy for when you have a lot to balance on your plate and allows you to focus on one task at a time in order for you to limit distractions and reduce procrastination. To maximize the app, you have to make a list of your tasks and allot a certain amount of time per task so to disable distractions and increase concentration. It also has a five minute break feature in between the time blocks. I’d definitely recommend FlowTimer to those struggling with multitasking when it is needed the most.

5. Done

If you’re like me and you’re trying to quit an old morning routine and build a new one instead, go grab this app right away to set your goals and track them on the daily. Unlike most habit tracker apps I’ve tried before, Done allows you to create a habit and track it not just once but multiple times a day. The app also helps motivate you by tracking habit streaks/chains when you’ve reached your goal in consecutive periods. You can even list your habits under custom categories to keep your app organized and neat!