The Minute Makeup

Here’s the thing: mornings aren’t for everyone. Or at least, some struggle with it more than others do. Maybe you didn’t hear your alarm the first time and completely missed it. You couldn’t find that white halter top you’ve been wanting to wear that day. Your coffee’s a little too cold. Let’s see, you forgot your earpods so you had to come back home to fetch it. Or maybe you woke up on the wrong side of bed and just really aren’t feeling it. It’s okay, we’ve all been there—and I got you.A full-face makeup isn’t something we have the luxury to do each morning. Especially if you have an early call-time every single day and you have a lot on your plate. But hey—you can still look your best with really quick makeup, let me tell you how.


I’ve told you once, let me tell you twice: skincare comes first. With a naturally exfoliated skin, there would be no need of the layers and layers of foundation to cover up a potentially tired skin. That’ll save you time in the morning most days. So, this is the perfect time to begin your routine by cleansing and moisturizing your skin before actually applying anything on your face.


With the use of a beauty blender, there still is some prep you might have to do with it. And I’m betting we all know that before you actually use it, you still have to dampen that little sponge of wonder to get better application results. But when you’re on the go, your pair of hands with its teeny tiny fingers are there for a reason, so use them instead of a beauty blender if you want a quicker way. But before touching your face to apply any product, it’s pretty obvious that you must first make sure that you’ve washed your hands prior the makeup application. We don’t want to compromise zits now, do we?


Instead, let concealer save the day—a concealer that’s close to your shade, that is. I would advise that you use one that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone. In that way, you’re able to get that brightening effect that isn’t too blinding but at the same time, would cover up your blemishes in a lighter way than foundation would usually do. Simply apply it under your eyes, right on your blemishes, and then on your T-Zone. That should do the trick.


With a foundation brush, quickly set the concealer and apply a little bit of of powder foundation that’s your shade to balance out the concealer and also to skip the oiliness. And make sure to run it through the neck, too, to even it all out. Now, here’s the rule of thumb: never skip your brows. But today’s not the day for perfectly arched brows, because remember, you don’t have much time in your hands now, do you? Simply take your eyebrow pencil and fill your brows out in one quick swoosh just to add volume to them and frame your face. Then finish up the framing process by dabbing a light blush on your cheeks just to give off some color.


As much as we want to embrace our inner artists and show off that perfect winged eyeliner, we may have to politely cross that off our list. That is, unless you have mastered the art of it and could do it in one quick pass. But if you haven’t just yet, save yourself the effort because you’re in a hurry, right? Pick a lip color that you love and would complement a simple makeup, I personally prefer MAC’s Velvet Teddy as my go-to lip buddy or NUDESTIX’s Cream Lip + Cheek Tint in the shade Mystic. But if you’re into bolder lip shades, then I’m on your side, too. Lastly, don’t forget the highlighter. It’s that glow you wouldn’t want to forget!

The fun part? This routine only takes 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops—but that’s it. If that isn’t your definition of a life-saving makeup routine, I don’t know what is.