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  1. Anna Jo says

    Sadly due to my work schedule and the tickets running out quickly like hot pancakes, my friends and I weren’t able to get tickets for this event :”( I’m happy to read it through your writing though, and I’m glad you had a fantastic time! I think it’s great that Van Gogh’s works are now appreciated by more and more people, and that many are also learning more about his life at the same time.
    Oh wow, I think it’s great that they have a playlist for the exhibit. I’m a huge classical music fan, so I’m totally going to listen to this playlist. Thanks for finding and sharing with us :”)

    Anna Jo |

    • Chia Samson says

      Hi Anna! Yes, I heard the tickets sell out pretty fast 🙁 But I’m glad you liked my little documentation of the event! I’m so happy they brought the Van Gogh experience to Manila, and to see so many people get excited by it, is just great. And yes, the playlist suits the aesthetic of the paintings as they were being presented during the exhibit, they go really well together! ❤️

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