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  1. Élise says

    from up the poppy hill!!!! and whisper of the heart!!!! i haven’t watched them, uh…which is a crime, considering how much i adore studio ghibli.
    my favourite ghibli film is, without a doubt, spirited away. howl’s moving castle is probably my second or third fave, simply because i’m not sure if grave of fireflies is my second or third favourite. i also love kaguya though! it’s very…different compared to other ghibli films. the watercolour style is beautiful it hurts haha

    it never fails to amaze me how you are able to balance studying and reading a book. i think i’m too much of a go-go-go mentality that i end up not knowing which one to finish first. my friend thinks i’m very productive, but i think i’m just a nuke ready to be fired, LOL. i try to work, watch films, read a book, write blog all in 24 hours. it’s impossible. i end up sacrificing my reading habit instead. and then of course, there’s this ordeal with me writing poetry – it just doesn’t work, and i kinda hate myself for it, lolol. i think i should give up some stuff :))

    • Chia says

      Ghibli films are comforting like that, aren’t they? :’) I have yet to watch Spirited Away and it’s definitely on queue!

      Haha! It definitely is a challenge trying to do so many things at once, I understand. And of course, I love your writing very much! Please keep on posting them, I enjoy reading your pieces ❤️ Thanks for the lovely comment Élise!

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