What’s in My Bag?!

Finally, and yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m doing the very popular what’s in my bag entry because why not? Alright? Cool. Now that we’ve established that, let’s get on and spill the contents of my bag. 

I’m pretty much an all-around kind of girl when it comes to the items I bring with me on the daily. My bag is literally my lifeline. I don’t limit its contents to just my makeup kit and then I’m good to go, nope. I take as much as I can with me, even those that would contribute to productivity and leisure. But portability is just as important since I’m not a fan of huge bags. Skipping the given items such as my phone and wallet, here are the essential items I bring with me!

1. MY MAKEUP KIT. First up, the makeup kit. You know it, all the basic stuff. I try to minimize the amount of products I carry with me, and the less I bring, the better. On a regular day, these are the products I bring with me:

2. MY PLANNER. I use the Starbucks 2019 planner, and it helps a lot in keeping me productive and on track with my daily agenda. The one I have isn’t for sale but there are other great planners you can find at either Kate Spade or Kikki K.

3. JOURNAL. My journal is as necessary as my planner, I cannot leave the house without it. Journaling is a habit I swore to focus on at the beginning of the year. Fortunately, I’ve grown accustomed to it and actually developed the habit of writing my thoughts down every now and then. I can confidently say that it has so far been beneficial to my mental and personal growth. Different kinds of journals are available at Moleskine from which you may find one that will best suit your journaling needs.

4. PENCIL POUCH. I love organizing my planner with my tasks in color-coded sections, so it’s important that I bring my colored pens and highlighters with me as well.

5. A BOOK I’M CURRENTLY READING. And they say save the best for the last, so here you go! I never, and I mean, ever, leave home without a book (or two). People I’m meeting with could be late and I need to fill in the empty hours during commute. Other people entertain themselves with their phones, I entertain myself with a book. I have a whole lot of other reasons why I bring a book with me all the time, but that would be for a different post!

There you have it! All my everyday essentials finally consolidated in one post. Hope this has been informative! You may shop the items by clicking on the links I included within the post. Until next time!