The Mini-Block Heels

When in doubt, just wear some high heels. Or, maybe not. Maybe some mini-block heels. Yes. That would work. A little casual, a little classy. Perfect.

Another Casual List

On Fashion: I got High Fashion Heroine! What did you get?! On Beauty: I still am not over this. Actually, I don’t think I ever will be. On Lifestyle: This is not a drill. The Office actually has an upcoming podcast...

The Curated October Playlist

Ready, set, play. Here comes the official October playlist!

Hello October: The Official October To-Do List

Lists? I’m a big fan. But more specifically, to-do lists? Sign me up with no hesitation. October was so sly sneaking up on us like that we didn’t even see it coming. Or did you? Because I definitely did not. One minute I was writing a How to Keep Up with your Resolutions 2019 post...

My Style Picks